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Goodbye, and hello, as always

The Reverend Corwin
12 April
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This is a drama-free zone

I'm a simple sailor cast adrift on the seas of fate...

Some rave reviews (possibly out of context):

"I almost pissed myself laughing..." - transmitte
"...highly entertaining but not altogether helpful." - cheekyrose

Godzilla is (tough) love.

Alton Brown is Good Eats love.

I be pimpin now!

Thanks to reading dorsia's journal, I've decided to collect me some fanlistings

Chronicles of Amber Fanlisting
Beyond Shadow

Livejournal Fanlisting
Daily Scribble

The Evil Dead Trilogy Fanlisting
Evil Dead Trilogy

The Ash Fanlisting

The Bruce Campbell Fanlisting
King of Thieves

The Official John Carpenter Fanlisting

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